Monday, June 13, 2011

SO Much Fun!!

It's not quite summer, but we had us some good (almost) old school summer fun today! Us adults just watched the fun, but that was almost as fun!

First stop, the older boys tried one of the classic favorites from my childhood: the Slip-n-slide! It is a bit different than when I was growing up. There is no banana sprinkler and there is a water filled bumper pad at the end of it. I also don't think it is quite as wide as I remember it being when I was growing up, but that could just be because I am wider! The older boys really got the hang of it quickly!
Noah sliding down on his knees.
Ian, going old school!
Doesn't work without a really good running start!

Ian didn't quite get enough momentum on this run!
The little ones started to get more interested once the slide came out. It took the big boys to show them how it was done though!

Connor liked the water at the bottom.

Carter was not a fan of the spray though!
The little ones really got going when the water was turned off. Here Connor is giving it a try!
The face says it all!
Jesstine's turn!
He's just SO darn cute!
Kylie really broke out of her shell later on and slid SEVERAL times!
Perhaps even more exciting for us was when she ran through the sprinkler! She has NEVER ran through the sprinklers because of the cold spray! She did at least 5 times today! We were so proud!

In Him,
The Hutchins'

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