Saturday, June 25, 2011

Growing Up

We have season tickets for Music Theater of Wichita. We usually get a friend from church, Kara, to come and babysit Jesstine while we are out. So the process is that as soon as Jesstine is up from nap, her and I go to get Kara. On the way back home we stop and get her favorite dinner, McDonald's. Then we head back to the house and Stephen and I get ready to go. You never know what it is going to be like when you leave your child with a babysitter. When they are little, you find yourself having to sneak out the door so that they don't notice that you are gone. It gets less and less so as they get older. What happened last night, I did NOT expect! I had changed into a dress for the night and was telling Kara a few more things before I left. Jesstine went up to her daddy and said, "Dadda, you and Mamma go out now." Hehe. She was practically shooing us out the door!

She was so excited though. She had been begging for the last few days to get the dollhouse out to play with. We have been helping a friend out and watching her 11 month-old daughter every Thursday and Friday for the last couple of weeks. So, I had to keep telling her no because the baby was here or because we didn't want to forget to put any pieces away since the baby was coming the next day. Thankfully, Kara ALSO loves to play dollhouse! In fact, she had the SAME dollhouse when she was growing up! Yesterday when Jessti
ne asked to play dollhouse, I told her no, but I quickly followed with, "But Kara is coming to play with you tonight and you and her can get the dollhouse out when she comes over!" When we returned home, play dollhouse they had! Kara had recently been to see Phantom of the Opera on Broadway in NY!!! So, while we were away watching the musical "Finian's Rainbow," Kara was culturing our daughter by playing out Phantom in our very own living room using the dollhouse, toilet paper, paper towels, and markers.

(If you have seen Phantom of the Opera, you know that there are NOT two girls. But at one point she looks in the mirror and appears as though she is a bride. I THINK that is what Kara was trying to portray here.)

In Him,
The Hutchins'

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