Thursday, June 2, 2011

Baby Update

Not really much to report, but that will change in a couple of weeks! We had our regular monthly OB appointment today. He was actually surprised that we had gone a whole month this time without seeing him! Hehe! I felt pretty good about that! Baby seems to be doing well. He/she had a heart rate of about 150ish. I have been feeling movement quite a bit lately. I think it is safe to say I can feel it at least once a day. Today they did the blood test to check for downs and spina bifida. The nice thing is that our insurance just switched so the doctor can do all of that stuff in his office now! We also set up a date to get the first big ultrasound done. We will be having that on June 20, the day after Father's day! I am excited! Ready to see if I need to buy more blue or hang on to my pink clothes! Doctor noticed that I have not gained any weight. Well, part of that is because this time (as with the other two times) I lost 4 lbs. in the first trimester. I have managed to gain one of those back, so I am only down 3 lbs. now! He said that he suspects that he will see that drastically increase by the time he sees me a gain for the next appointment. I also mentioned to him that I had been having some cramping lately. He said that it is perfectly normal to have it pretty often being that it is my 3rd pregnancy to reach this point. He said it is just because my body is having to grow and stretch again and it just gets more and more tired of it each time. That was reassuring! I also still have a doppler at my house from when I was expecting Jesstine. I try and limit myself to listening to the baby one time a day (which is okay according to the doctor) because with Jesstine, I would listen more often and freak myself out! So, hopefully in a couple more weeks we can post a little photo montage of Baby Hutchins 3!! Prayers are still welcome! I am for the most part still doing well emotionally, but sometimes I really struggle and worry quite a bit. Still not quite even halfway there. Wishing I was even closer! I feel more in control when I have an infant than when I am pregnant just waiting for the baby to get here!! And thank you for those continuing prayers!

In Him,
The Hutchins'

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