Monday, June 20, 2011

It's a......................


Meet Emmitt Boyd Hutchins

Profile (head in the middle. Nose facing the sky.)
Face (again in the middle with his chest and belly off to the left side).
Hand (his thumb is pointing at us so you can't really see it, but he does have five digits).
Legs (feet are off to the right; the little arrows are pointing to the left leg and the right leg is on the bottom.)
Footprint (and yes it was up by his head quite a bit through the whole ultrasound)
A little hand pointing to his boy parts. (I am not convinced this is a great picture, but this is the second time that something has been spotted between his legs, so I am pretty confident it this is a boy).

We are super excited. Jesstine is so used to us saying "little brother or little sister" that I don't think it has quite sunk in yet. We will hopefully be calling him by his name so that will help.

In Him,
The Hutchins'

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Cinny said...

I didnt even realize you have a blog! Congrats Lacie...I am so happy for yous guys!