Monday, June 6, 2011

Goin to a Weddin!

As mentioned in the last post, Mom, Jesstine and I attended the wedding of my cousin, Jason. We spent two nights in Harrisonville, MO. It was a relaxing trip, but I think it was safe to say that we were all ready to get home and sleep in our own beds! Jesstine's sleeping schedule was WAY off! Partially because she doesn't sleep in a moving vehicle very often. Partially because the wedding started just as nap should have been commencing. She did fairly well though! We also ended up going to bed an hour or two later than Jesstine typically goes to bed. I think she was REALLY ready to go home on Sunday morning because this girl ate a TON before we left! She had part of a waffle, half a banana, some fruit loops from the morning before (dry of course), and a half of a powdered cake donut! Needless to say, she had NO trouble taking a nap when we got home! Here are a few pictures from the trip!

I know I posted this in the last post, but I am posting it again in hopes that it can be clicked on and enlarged for certain grandparents that may want to copy and save it to their computers! I have no control over it though! Sometimes Blogger lets you enlarge pictures and sometimes it doesn't! This is her dress she wore to the wedding!

Here are the bride and groom shortly after being pronounced man and wife.

This is the whole reason Jesstine was SO excited to go to the "weddin." She really wanted some cake! The reception was held at a different location than the wedding, so as we walked out of the church she cried because she thought she was missing out on the wedding cake!

Bride and groom at the reception.

This was Jesstine on the morning that we left. She was OUT! I was able to get out of bed and read some and she stayed asleep the whole time! LOL! There were many interesting firsts on this trip that I got to experience since Jesstine is a little older than the last time we really traveled and stayed overnight anywhere. Firstly, it was the first trip since she has been potty trained. We had the "little potty" in the van in case of an emergency and we also brought her potty seat from home to sit on the hotel toilet. Worked like a charm! She did great! Still wore a pullup at night though! And here is why! Secondly, she really has outgrown the pack-n-play. Not to mention I don't think it is quite fair to put her in it when she sleeps in a "big girl bed" at home. So we purposely got two queen beds so that Jesstine could share a bed with one of us (me). I put the pillows on the other side of her so that she wouldn't fall off! It was a little cramped, but we did well! The pullup was so that she wouldn't pee the bed with me in bed with her! I don't think I would have been very happy if that had happened! No worries though! She is a true big girl and a great traveler! I couldn't have asked for better companions than Mom and Little J!

And of course, congratulations to Jason and Kelli on starting a new life together!

In Him,
The Hutchins'

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