Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day

I think I have told the story many times, but in honor of Father's Day tomorrow, I am going to tell it again. I didn't really have a good father figure growing up. My biological father was a very sick man and the last time I saw him was when I was two. (I met him later when I was about 20, but hadn't seen him at all when I was growing up.) My first stepfather came into my life when I was about 3 and married my mom when I was 4. Things were peachy when I was little, but changed as I got older. Things were pretty rough in the "Daddy" department growing up. I had a better relationship with my best friends dad than I did with anyone that was supposed to be a dad in my life. Also at about the time I was 4, the one male role model in my life that I knew I could count on passed away. I always looked up to my grandfather. He took great care of us. So as a little girl I prayed daily and sometimes multiple times for God to send me someone who would love me like a little girl should be loved. I thought I was praying for a dad or even a grandfather. Little did I know, I would pray that prayer for a LONG time! When I was in my second year of college, my mom and sister started to attend a different church then where I grew up going. I went a couple of times in order to spend time with them. While there, my sister told me that she needed my help to teach the song leader a song with actions so he could lead the kids at WNBC (Wednesday Night Bible Camp). A few months later, this same song leader was at a Halloween Haunted House put on by some members of the church for the teen group. I was asked to come along and help. That was the beginning (albeit a little slow of a beginning) to what would turn out to be the answer to my childhood prayers. Little did I know that he would later be my husband. Not only that, he got to be the Daddy that I never had, although not for me.....for Jesstine! He is SUCH a great Daddy! He snuggles with Jesstine. He plays games with her. They have their cute little sayings! He teaches her. She obviously loves him too! Whenever we pull into the garage, she always looks for his car to see if he is home...even if he is in the van with us! So here is to the Father of my dreams, the father of my children! May you have a fabulous Father's Day filled with lots of love!

In Him,

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