Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Little China Doll and a Walk In Emmitt's Shoes

The kids that we watch every other week recently went with their mother to China where she is from. They came back with a couple of gifts. One was a traditional girls' dress for Jesstine. Here is my little china doll!

When we first found out that Jesstine was a girl, I had to buy something pink! It was just a must! I had my eye on a pair of Pink Adidas soccer crib shoes that came with a plush pink and white soccer ball. So, as soon as we knew, I ordered them. Well, with Emmitt it is no different! I found with Jesstine that Robeez were very useful because she couldn't keep her socks on, but it was SO cold in winter that she really needed something to keep her feet warm. So, I bought a pair of Robeez and was hooked! So, I searched for the perfect boy Robeez for Emmitt. These happened to be on sale. Best of all, they are versatile! They have three different interchangeable sports options (basketball, soccer, and baseball) and the ball can be removed so the shoe looks just like a little boys' dress shoe! We are SUPER excited about this little guy! I must admit, I have only ever known is girl!!! So, having a boy is so much different for me! It has been a different kind of in the womb bonding than it was with my girls. It is a good different though!

In Him,
The Hutchins'

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