Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Grand Finale of Water Fun With Cousins And Aunt Jenni

Today was the last day that the cousins were in town! We decided to go out with a bang, literally! We got out Grandmom's volcano sprinkler. The little ones were a little worried about it, but Jesstine eventually got brave and started playing with the help of Ian! Here is all of the excitement!
Every 4 seconds the volcano would shoot a plume of water up in the air. The kids would either stand back and wait for the water to come back down, or they would run and jump and try to get wet on the top of the volcano as they jumped over it!
Here they are getting wet right after it shot up in the air!
I love this picture because it tells the story of the special bond these two have shared since Jesstine was born! They were like this off and on the whole time the cousins were here. Jesstine likes all of her cousins, but it is almost like her and Ian speak some kind of special language!
Where was Connor you might ask? He was cuddled up in a towel eating a snack. Notice there is not a drop of water on him....Hehe!
Noah is waiting for the water to hit his hand as it comes up!
Classic Jesstine moment. She prances like this just about everywhere she goes! Wish I had that energy!
She decided to let the big boys play and join Connor for a snack!

Afterward Aunt Jenni took Jesstine and the big boys swimming while Connor watched the "PLLLLTTTcycle" (motorcycle) movie with Grandmom and I went to get some lunch for us adults!

We will miss the cousins. Who knows how much we will get to see them before school starts! They are getting a new house and will be in chaos for a little while there! But their new neighborhood has a pool, so you know us. If it involves water fun, we are right there!!!

In Him,
The Hutchins'

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