Saturday, March 28, 2009 Wonderland

Well, we are snowed in (and it is the beginning of spring). The ice came yesterday around 11AM and kept on until late in the night. Sometime in the night, snow took over and it is pretty nasty out! It is still pretty windy and certainly cold! When the snow had mostly stopped, we bundled our little snow baby up for her first look at snow. We REALLY bundled her up! Here are some pictures of our family snow adventure (which lasted maybe 10 mins.).
Jesstine LOVES sitting and watching the weather from the window by the door. She probably gets that from her Papa Hutchins. I think I will send one of these photos in to the local news stations' weather shots email addresses.
We bundled her up quite well. This is actually the second layer. We have had to start putting a onesie on under her sleepers again at night because of the cold. So, under this, we have a onesie. Then there was the sleeper.
Over the sleeper we put on a pair of pants that are still too big for her. They were kind of nice though. The material almost felt like ski pants or something! On top, she wore a sweater. I guess her sleeper kind of turned into long underwear!
Here was the final layer. She was plenty warm. The look on her face is because the wind was still blowing some of the loose snow around. She smiled a lot while we were out there though. I think she may like snow when she is old enough to experience it better. She was so bundled up that she reminded us of Randy (the little brother) on "A Christmas Story." She could barely sit and preferred to lay down because of all of the layers!
And last but not least, here is a picture of her with her daddy! Stephen was wise and chose to work from home yesterday in anticipation of the bad weather (and to stay home with his girls too). Jesstine has loved every min. of it! She really likes it when Daddy stays home (me too). It gives her a change of scenery. I think she gets tired of Mommy a little bit.
We hope you are all staying nice and warm. It has been nice to be inside and enjoy my family! We hope you can enjoy our snow baby a little too!
In Him,
Lacie, Stephen and Jesstine

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