Saturday, April 4, 2009

Water Baby

I have wanted to get Jesstine in the water since she was born. Our first experience wasn't great, but she was only a few weeks old and the water may have been a bit too cold for her. I was given some hand-me-down bathing suits from the son and daughter-in-law of one of the elders at church. They are so cute! I also have had a Y membership for quite some time now. I got brave and took Jesstine to the Kidzone (child care provided at the Y) for the first time this week. I thought since I was branching out, I would go ahead and take her swimming! I didn't know what to expect. Stephen is not much for swimming, but I LOVE it! If I looked good in a bathing suit, I would swim for exercise all of the time! Since I don't, you will have to make sure you look at the little girl in these pictures not the huge one holding her! I hope you enjoy this adventure in pictures as much as we enjoyed our time at the pool! We actually had such a good time the first day, I told Stephen he had to join us the next day just so I had someone to take pictures! That and I wanted him to see the joy on Jesstine's face as she went swimming!

Here we are ready to go swimming! She even got her shades on! She didn't need them really as this was an indoor pool! It sure made for a great picture of our beach baby though!

When she first got in, I just put her feet in. Then I thought that she had learned to sit so well, I would just sit her in the shallow part. The first thing she did was move her arms and splash! She doesn't splash much in the tub. I guess because she is less confined, she feels she has free reign?

She liked floating any way I put her in the water! Here she is on her back. She was still a little apprehensive at first, but after a while she would even let her head go back and relax a little.

Here is where she spotted Daddy with the camera!

This was the amazing part! She decided to put her own face in the water without me prompting her! I think she wanted to drink it. Then after a while she tried blowing bubbles by saying "da" with her face in the water. The pictures don't show it, but she even liked going under the water! I would count and she would get so excited. Then we would go under. She was a bit frazzled after first coming back up, but laughed again after the water went off of her face and she caught her breath.

She seems to have no intrest in crawling when on land, so we spend a lot of time walking. On land she tends to drag her right foot or step on the left with her right. In the water, she did such a great job and loved it!
Well, that is all of the pictures for now! We sure had fun! I think I will try to do it at least once a week with her. I am sure we will spend a lot of time at Grandmom's pool this summer too. I am also already looking into lessons for her! The Y is so great! It has opened up so many opportunities for us! I hope that it stays that way!
In Him,
Lacie, Stephen, and Jesstine

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