Sunday, March 8, 2009

Growing Up SO Fast!

While Daddy was home this week, we decided to take the opportunity to get some professional photos of Jesstine done. 6 months is somewhat of a milestone. We hadn't had any done since her 2 month appointment. We were very pleased with the results and with the price of the photo shoot. We REALLY had to limit ourselves to what we could take with us! We still managed to get a lot of photos and really good ones at that. I thought I would list a sampling. We did family photos at the same time (seemed appropriate to maximize the opportunity)! Let us know what you think!
Yes! She is sitting on her own! She can sit for a couple of mins. at a time without her hands on her legs, but she can stay up much longer supporting herself with her arms.
Here is the family photo. We have one of just Stephen and I in this same pose. It is nice to have an addition. And a beautiful one to boot!
This chair was too much to resist! We HAD to get a pose in it. It actually ended up being one of our favorites and the one we sent to our siblings! A note about the bracelet: I went to a store that sells these and the big headband bows. They didn't have a bow with the right color of purple, but they did have a purple bracelet. I tried on the 6 month to one year size. I couldn't even clasp it!!! The one I bought is for a 1-4 year-old! She has such chubby wrists (she doesn't get it from me) I thought that a bracelet would dress them up!

I saved the best for last! Each time I look at this, I want to cry because she is just SO beautiful! We feel so blessed to have this little one in our lives. Even if it is for a short time or for as long as I live. She is so precious! I will never take that for granted! God is GREAT and here is my proof!

In Him,

Lacie, Stephen and Jesstine

p.s. These are the raw images. They haven't been cropped or magnified. That is why some have funny edges!

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tinycandi said...

aww!! she looks adorable! (and you guys look good too) ;)
if you ever need pictures taken, i started a photography business. :)