Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 3 Without Daddy

Well, Daddy. I am really starting to miss you! Mommy is fun, but it is nice to see a different face once in a while and I miss seeing yours. Mommy shows me your picture all of the time and I always laugh because you make me happy. I can't wait until you get home!
We had a BIG day today! My cousins are here all the way from Oklahoma. I let Mommy sleep in a little. I didn't wake up until 7:45! When I did, we stayed in Mommy's bed for a little while. Then we went to see my cousins downstairs. After a quick diaper change, I had some rice cereal. Mommy let me use a NEW bowl! She thought Daddy would like this bowl to be in a picture. I was happy to oblige!
After breakfast, I had a bottle and threw up on myself and Mommy. So Mommy decided to go ahead and change my clothes. I think she was counting on it being warm like yesterday because she put me in shorts and sandals. My cousins Conrad and Lexi like being in my room. They had to help Mommy decide what to dress me in. They were giving me kisses and playing with me while Mommy cleaned my changing table up.
After I got dressed, Mommy had to help Aunt Grace with breakfast. So she let me play on the floor with my cousin Charis. We had a great time! We really just played beside each other, but we were really good about sharing my toys. I would finish playing with one and push it aside. Then Charis would pick it up and play with it for a while. We did this for about 30 -45 mins. It was a lot of fun! I even taught her how to pose for the camera.
My cousins left well after my morning nap and I was so sleepy! I still fought my nap pretty hard, but eventually slept for about 25 mins. When I woke up I met a new friend. Her name is Sam. She and my mommy went to school together. I might like it if she stops by a lot in the future. I think I heard Mommy say something about her staying with me while I sleep so you guys can go watch a movie or eat or something.
After Sam left, it was time for another nap. I was tired, but once again I didn't go down without a fight. After I talked about DaDa for twenty mins. Mommy came in and put me in my sleep sack. That made me so much more comfy. I went to sleep only a few mins. later. I slept for a long time. I think it was over 2 hours. When I woke up Mommy changed my diaper and threw me in the car (not literally) and we went shopping. It seemed like a LONG time! I got hungry quickly. We came home and Mommy fed me some carrots (yumm). Then it was time for a bath. I was ready. It was a lot of fun this time. Mommy let me sit up and I even had the chance to play with some toys. That was fun.
After that Lexi and Conrad listened while Mommy read me The Little Mermaid. Then you called! I was so excited! I wanted to say something but I was so shocked to hear you that I didn't know what to say. I was pretty tired too. It took a while to fall asleep because my cousins sounded like they were having so much fun and I really wanted to be with them. Eventually I went to sleep though.
I love you and can't wait to see you on Friday! I hope to wake up from my nap and go with Mommy to pick you up!
Jesstine (and Mommy)

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