Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 2 Without Daddy

Well, it is day two without Daddy and I am really starting to notice. I think Mommy misses him too! I woke up early this morning so Mommy made me stay in bed. It was a little cold. I think she forgot to turn the heater back on last night. I went back to sleep for another 45 mins. or so though. As soon as I got up, Mommy took me to her bed as usual. I think she wants me to play so she can wake up a little. When she was FINALLY ready, she changed my diaper and took me to the kitchen for some grub. I had to wait on Mommy to get my cereal ready so, she let me play with my toys. I quickly threw the links on the floor just to see how they fell! I think I would like to wear this one as a bracelet.

Mommy says this was the only time she got a break all day (below). I usually don't like my morning naps. I typically take about 20 mins. then I am done! Today, I was really tired, so I slept for almost an hour! I think Mommy liked it! I would have slept longer, but Mommy snapped this picture of me and it woke me up. I was happy to see her though.

When I got up, Mommy said it was a special day so she had to make sure I was wearing green. Something about a guy named Patrick I think. So I got to wear my neon green pants today. I liked them a lot! I really liked playing with my Block Party too! I sat up for a while all by myself!

We took a trip to Walmart to get Mommy out of the house. She was going a little stir crazy and we needed to get a few things. Today was a big day because my cousins are supposed to come and visit! I was so excited, I didn't want to take a nap! I threw the biggest fit for over an hour and Mommy wasn't happy, but she let me get up. I got to try on my new sunglasses from Walmart! We went for a walk and spent some time with Grandmom. Then we went to Auntie Cheri's house to lend her some clothes for her new baby. I was really starting to wear down, but I was having so much fun! I couldn't keep my toys in my hand on the way home. It was frustrating so I got a little fussy. When we got home, I was SO excited to be home, Mommy got the camera out again. She had to get a picture of my new shades for Daddy I think. I am really familiar with this camera, so I always pose and today it seemed funny. (I think because I was tired). Oh yeah, and it was really warm today, so she put my shorts on instead of my pants.

Here I am patiently waiting for my bath. I have had a lot of fun learning this sitting thing.

I went to bed pretty easily after my bath! My cousins came and I didn't even get to see them. I am sure I will see them in the morning. For now, I am sleeping peacefully. I can't wait until you get home Daddy. It is so much more fun spending my days with you than telling you about them in a photo (although I am really getting the hang of this posing thing). Mommy loves you and misses you too!

Hugs and Kisses,

Jesstine (and Mommy)

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