Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 1 Without Daddy

Okay, so Daddy is in California this week for work. So, we are trying to hold down the fort without him. We wanted to give him a picture journal of what we spent our days doing. I decided to post it here in case anyone else would like to follow as well! We really miss Daddy (Stephen) we can't wait until he gets back! Tomorrow my sister, Grace, and her kids are coming up to spend a few days. That will no doubt keep us busy. So here is the first installment of our Daddy Journal! (Written as if Jesstine were telling the story of course)
Today started out like any other day. I woke Mommy and Daddy up just a little earlier than usual, but I thought it was time to get up! To my surprise, Mommy came right in. As usual we went to Mommy and Daddy's bedroom to play for a little while (I think it is so they can wake up a little before starting the day). Daddy got up and played in the water for a while. Mommy gave me a bottle. That was the first thing I thought was a little odd. Usually I get rice cereal. Oh well! After that we went for a trip in the car. Daddy was carrying a big green thing and his work bag. We went to a place I don't ever remember seeing. We dropped Daddy off and he kissed me goodbye and kissed Mommy too. Then he walked in the building and we went home.
When we got home, Mommy let me play for a little while. She is really glad that I am sitting so well. She let me sit by myself while she ate breakfast. I accidentally fell over. Usually it isn't so bad, but this time these silly links were in the way and it REALLY hurt! I cried and of course Mommy was right there to cuddle with me. It still hurt but somehow felt better. The darker yellow one is the one that hurt me.
Later Mommy made me take a nap! I didn't want to! I wanted to stay up an play. Eventually I gave in, but not for long! Mommy wasn't too happy when I was awake just 13 mins. after I finally fell asleep! She is a trooper though! She still greeted me with a smile and I smiled and giggled in return. I was pretty fussy though, so she decided it was time for me to eat some lunch. To my surprise again, she sat me in my high chair. I ate a few of those pesky puff things that taste so good, but I can't quite get them to my mouth. Then she gave me my yummy rice! Usually she doesn't let me get this messy. I guess she wanted Daddy to see how much fun I am having! After my rice I got a full bottle. My tummy was full and I was happy. I still didn't want Mommy to go too far though.
I guess Mommy had work to do because she really needed me to keep myself busy. She doesn't do it very often, but she put my excersaucer in front of the TV and let me watch Sesame Street! I was having so much fun, it was over before I knew it. Mommy got a lot done so she was able to get on the floor and play with me.
I started to get really tired, but I didn't want Mommy to know. I wanted her to think I was really happy and not tired at all. She wasn't fooled. She got me a bottle and read me a story while I ate. Then she put me to bed without my sleep sack. I liked that a lot! I was pretty tired, so I went right to sleep. I slept almost two and a half hours! *whispering* I think Mommy took a nap too. She looked sleepy when she came to get me! I was so happy to see her. After my nap, Mommy took me to Target. She talked to a lady about something that she bought that didn't work right. The lady took it and gave her a card back. It didn't seem like a good trade to me. Then she bought me some new clothes! I wanted to hold them but she wouldn't let me! After that we went to a phone place where Mommy bought a new thing like the one that didn't work. I am not sure what to think of all of this! It was fun to be with Mommy though! I couldn't wait to get home and see Daddy.
When I got there, he wasn't there. Mommy fed me something orange she calls carrots. I ate them all and didn't have enough room for my oatmeal. So she cleaned me up and took me for a walk. We went a long way! When we got home I talked to the neighbors. They showed me their baby chicks in their garage. I like ducks better. Then the doggie barked. I didn't like it at all. He scared me! Again, Mommy hugged me and I felt a little better, but I kept watching him so that he wouldn't do it again! I was so tired from my big day. I was still wondering where Daddy was too! We went home and I took a bath. It wasn't the same without Daddy. Mommy read me a story while I ate a bottle. Then she put me to bed. I really started to miss Daddy. I talked hoping he would hear me. I said, "Da, Da, Da" over and over, but I guess he didn't hear me. I talked so much I fell asleep. I guess I will have to see if he can hear me tomorrow!
I love you Daddy! (I think Mommy is looking for you too.)
Jesstine Jonelle

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