Thursday, March 19, 2009

Last Day Without Daddy

Yeah! Daddy comes home tomorrow! We are so excited! Before you go to bed, you need to read about my day!

We went to the zoo today. It was a lot of fun. I had to miss a nap, but I still had a good time! I got to sleep in this new thing that Aunt Grace loaned us. It let me sleep in a sling on Mommy's chest! When we were on the way out of the zoo, Mommy found a new friend for me. His name is Little Quacker. His tag had his name already on it, so we kept it like that. I like him a lot.
I slept really well when I FINALLY got a nap. For some reason it was really fuzzy. Oh well. If you can see, Seamoore and Little Quacker slept with me.

Here's Little Quacker again! I am really happy about him! This is right after Mommy had to clean up a huge mess that I made! I will give you a hint: it was really stinky! Mommy changed me before I was done so it became an even bigger mess!

This is the last photo for now. After my nap, Grandma and my new friend Uncle Billie came! We had fun playing. Well, it is time for bath. I am getting pretty fussy. We are excited to see you tomorrow.
Love you!
Jesstine (and Mommy)

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