Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dancing the Days Away!

SAH here again. It's been a while since my last update, so the time is ripe for me to interject some thoughts.

So I'm on "vacation" this week. That is technically true, since I do not have to appear at work, nor do I have to actually perform any service for LSI this week. However, I don't consider it a real "vacation" since I'm not going anywhere or doing anything too interesting.

I'm taking care of Jesstine while Lacie goes to work. Normally my mom takes this solemn duty, but since I'm home, why not just hang out with me? I'm sure Lacie fears (in the deep recesses of her gorgeous brain) that this will end in disaster. She watches too much "Supernanny," where the father is always a lazy waste of space. But as you can see, Jesstine and I are just fine together.

Yes, I do get royalties from Ron Jon for the prominent advertising. Of course, that's just the play time. Everyone knows it's not easy. Just today I had to replace the changing-table mat twice. Once because cutie-pie let loose with some liquid in the middle of a diaper change and Superdad wasn't fast enough to catch it all with the replacement. Twice because my girl had a nasty #2 during her nap, and some seeped out before I noticed while changing her again.

I won't even mention what happened during dinner (a nutritious combo of peas, oatmeal, water, and formula.....if you must know). Let's just say that Jesstine's white shirt has some curious green spots on the sleeve.

Well, that's all for now. I could write more, but then....I'm on vacation.


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