Saturday, March 14, 2009

7 months and Sitting!

Yep, it's us again! Jesstine hit her 7th month birthday today. She is getting so big. She is so smart too! She has a little of her daddy's temperament. When she can't figure something out, she gets obviously frustrated. I got her a pair of pink Adidas soccer shoes when we found out she was a girl. They came with a pink and white soccer ball (seen in picture and video below). When I first got it out for her this week, it kept rolling away from her. She would grunt and get all red in the face. She was getting visibly frustrated that she couldn't keep hold of it! Maybe it will give her incentive to crawl! We had a PAT (parents as teachers) visit this week. She is very proficient in all areas. She is only slightly behind on motor skills because she is showing no attempts to even crawl. She is ahead in other things though. As you will see in the video, she is now babbling. Her repertoire includes: Da, Ma, Ba, and Du. She looks right at her pal Dumpty and says: "Du, Du!" She has also started to show an affectation to all things Duck! Quack makes her laugh hysterically at times and she has accumulated a collection of Ducks from her well baby visits. Soon she will be showing mad skills with her soccer ball. She and Daddy have already done some practice kicking it. Dumpty still seems to get the most smiles of all of her toys though. She has also now had her first night with a baby sitter other than Grandmom or Grandma. Our good friend Kara came to sit with her so that we could enjoy an anniversary dinner! She is just growing so fast. I hope you enjoy her pictures even half as much as we enjoyed taking them. God is GREAT and she is our proof!

Since Dumpty has been such a great friend, we agreed to let her in the 7-month picture with Jesstine.

Sitting up with her soccer ball.

We tried to get the best of this clip that we could. I liked this section because she not only shows you her great sitting skills, but also starts to call for either Daddy (DA) or Dumpty (DU).

We hope you are all well!

In Him,

Lacie, Stephen and Jesstine

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