Friday, April 27, 2012

Firsts for Emmitt

I look forward to all of the firsts for Emmitt. Today was no exception. So it isn't the FIRST day he has been able to sit unsupported for a period of time (actually Monday, April 23 was) , but pretty close! It is the first time I caught it on camera! It WAS the first day that he went to the pool! It was a different experience entirely from what Jesstine was like!

Both kiddos were excited to go to the pool! Here Jesstine is showing Emmitt some love!

Walking into the pool area. (Sorry it's blurry. I tried to get the pictures to show more of the cute kiddos than the overweight woman trying to fit into a bathing suit!)

Jesstine took off right away.

First moments in the pool.

Had too much time to think about it.

Still a little unsure.

Maybe Sis can help.

By the time we left he had taken to lapping the water like a dog. I say that is mission accomplished! :-)

Time to get dressed.

Fell asleep before we were even a mile down the road. He was SO tired!

In Him,
The Hutchins Family

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