Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More Hair, Easter Eggs, Clean Carpet and MORE!!

So what's with the title? Well, sit back and relax because there is a LOT to see in this post!

Okay, so this may not mean much to the average reader, but to anyone who knows us at all knows that our kids....well, they just don't have much hair! They get that from their Daddy too! :-) Emmitt's is starting to grow ever so slightly. It is really apparent after bath when I put lotion and aquafor on his head.

 In other news, this little guy is rolling over and I will leave him on his play mat only to return a few minutes later and find him a few feet from his play mat! Needless to say, it was time to clean the carpets. We knew that he will be moving before too long. So while the carpets were being cleaned, we couldn't play upstairs. So, the kids and I camped out in the basement. Jesstine was having a picnic breakfast and thought that Emmitt needed a place setting as well.

 He quickly grew bored, so I got him some toys.

Also, there is something I have been wanting to try. I FINALLY found the supplies to do so. Today was the perfect opportunity. I got the idea from Kaylee from playgroups. Her pictures turned out MUCH better than mine! Basically I put glow bracelets ($2 for 16 at Walmart in the party supply section) and shoved them in Easter Eggs. Then after putting a blanket on the window in the office room, I hid the eggs for Jesstine to find! She had a blast! After a little while, I found some snacks to put in other eggs and hid them both in the basement bathroom and the office. She used a flashlight to find the non-glowing eggs.

 Terrible picture of glowing eggs.
 She wore the bracelets after she was done searching for the eggs.

 Flashlight Egg Hunt.
Later I hope to do another fun Easter egg activity for her. See HERE.

 It is summer like weather here and has been for a month almost. Spring essentially has been bypassed. Okay, so maybe it isn't that bad. It means that I had to once again investigate the kids' wardrobes! I got it easy last year because Jesstine pretty much wore the same shorts for two years in a row! Not so much this year! Also had to find more dresses for the same reason. Here is one that I picked up. She had to accessorize.
 Oh, and here is my little monster (Mike Wyzowski from Monster's Inc.).
 He is LOVING peek-a-boo!
Oh, and last but certainly not least....I debated this for a month. Finally I broke down and did it. Emmitt is officially riding in his big car seat in my car. There have been drawbacks, don't get me wrong. For one when he falls asleep in the car (which he still does), his head falls forward. I remember that with Jesstine too. Another is what to do with him while I have to get Jesstine out. May have to try a few things to see what works best. For now the umbrella stroller is a LIFE saver!

More on the Easter Egg lunch idea later! And maybe some better pictures of the glow eggs!

In Him,
The Hutchins Family

P.S. Easter Egg Dinner:

Wheat thins, cheese, turkey, hummus, bananas apples, carrots yogurt and yogurt raisins. She also had one with chocolate chips for dessert!

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