Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring Program

Jesstine had her Spring music program at her preschool last night. I have to admit, it snuck up on me even though I have been counting the days until I am finished teaching for the school year! I would say that she was SO cute, but you probably already knew that if you follow this blog on a regular basis! This year Kidslink (the preschool Jesstine attends which I found out is the largest privately run preschool in the state of Kansas) was celebrating their 25th anniversary! That is pretty cool! They did a little video at the beginning (I am going to ask how I can get my hands on it when I drop her off tomorrow) in which my little girl had a cameo appearance! So here are a few pictures and videos from her performance. Also, my nephew, Corbin, has been attending Jesstine's school in the 5 half day program. We stayed for just a couple of songs so we could get pictures and videos for his daddy who is deployed overseas right now.

 This is Mrs. Underkoffler, the director of the preschool. She found a program from a previous program that said "Class of 1012" at the bottom. She proceeded to tell us that in 14 years or so we will be looking at these same kids as the graduating class of 2025 or so....Didn't really want to go there!
 Jesstine is in the blue skirt at the back of the line, the next to the last student. Her best friend, Kylie is the sixth person in line.
 She is trying her hardest to find us. They encourage parents and kids to wave to each other.
 She is waving but still searching for us in the crowd. She went through the first two songs not doing much of anything because she didn't know where we were. When she spotted me in the aisle in my bright red shirt, she was almost immediately engaged in the songs! So funny!
 I think this was just after she spotted me!

This was Jesstine's favorite because for once she was allowed and encouraged to jump in school!

This was my favorite. A couple of weeks ago I heard Jesstine just singing to herself in the car. I listened to see what she was singing and I heard these words coming out of her mouth. I was astonished! "Awesome God."

 The whole group. This age group is young 3's to young 4's.
 What was Emmitt doing this whole time? To tell you the truth I was a little worried because he was MUCH younger at the last program. He did great!! He watched the show through his eyelids!
 My nephew Corbin is the one in the front to the far left.
 Surprisingly (or perhaps not because he was right next to the microphone) you could hear him really well! He just started school 3-4 weeks ago if that!
 After watching a few of Corbin's songs (which were the same as Jesstine's), Jesstine insisted that we "take pictures on the bridge!" Later I found out from her teacher that they really played the "photo spots" up in rehearsal that day! 

 Even though it was pretty late and we had a bedtime battle with Jesstine the night before, we chose to treat her to some frozen yogurt. She and I had never tried Orange Leaf before, so we gave it a try! I enjoyed it. I think she did too! She asked to go back this morning after breakfast!
Oh, and it lacked flavoring or "gummies," but Emmitt got to enjoy as well!

In Him,
The Hutchins Family

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