Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Party and Easter Eggs

More Easter festivities took place this week. Jesstine had a party at school. It was the first one that I have been able to be involved in. It was a bit.....different than I expected. Not bad, but just different. I felt really odd and out of place! There were almost as many parents as there were kids!

 There was an Easter egg hunt. It was interesting to see three and a half year-olds looking for one of each color. Some weren't sure what their colors were surprisingly!
 Here she is with her loot!
 Here is where the odd part comes in. I don't know if I was reading too much into it, or if it was really no big deal. Maybe parents were just focused on their kids too much to interact. In any case. I was in charge of the napkins plates. I picked up two packages of plates thinking there were eight in each and how perfect is that for a class of 16 kids. WRONG! There were SEVEN! Who packages plates in odd numbers like that?! So the first thing that I was informed upon entering the classroom was that there were not enough plates! UGH! That was GREAT to hear when I was just slightly late to begin with (Emmitt decided he couldn't wait until Grandmom's house to eat. So I fed him a bottle at 10:25 when I needed to be at Jesstine's school at 10:45!) All was well though! There were some left over from Valentine's Day (probably because they were packaged in groups of 7 and someone needed to buy a third package to get 16 total....) and the kids didn't seem to notice!
 Really neat cupcakes (or as my nephew Corbin called them, muffins). It had a jelly bean nose, but that was the first thing Jesstine devoured!
 One group of kids in Jesstine's class.
And a second group of kids. The little girl that is the third one from the door with long brown hair is Giniveve. Jesstine is ALWAYS mentioning her. She must play with her a lot. At the beginning of the year it was always, "Gigi was naughty! She is not a good listener!" Every time I tell that story, she has to pipe in with, "She was naughty again this week Mommy!"

We dyed Easter eggs today. I found this idea on Pinterest. If you are not familiar with it, it is basically a virtual bulletin board. You find a cool idea, you "pin it" and then you can go back to it later if you want to try it out! The idea came from HERE. ALSO, instead of boiling the eggs, I cooked them in the oven to help with the smell and to keep them from turning green around the yolk. Only downside was that it gave some of them brown spots. I just made sure to put those in the darker colors. Got that idea HERE.

 Basically you just mix a packet of Koolaid in 2/3 cup of water. Doesn't matter if it is warm or cold.

 All ready to be dipped!
 Just put the eggs in the water as long as you want to make the most vibrant colors. (Woody costume is optional...story on that some other time).
And here is the finished product. From left to right: Cherry, Strawberry, Orange, Lemonade (with a little orange mixed in), Lemon Lime, Berry Blue, and Grape (with a little berry blue mixed in). Jesstine had one leftover so she decided she wanted it to be yellow too.

In Him,
The Hutchins Family

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