Monday, April 9, 2012

Garage Sale Season

Well, it is that time of year! I remember looking forward to garage sales as a kid. Sometimes I would find better things than I had in my own closet at garage sales. My mom sure knew how to buy other people's junk too! It was all great stuff to us because we didn't have much at the time! I guess even though I live in a nice house and can buy everything my family needs for the most part, it has stuck with me! I love finding treasures for Jesstine at garage sales. Remember in the Easter egg dying post she was wearing a Woody costume? Well, that was my latest treasure that I found for her. She was so excited that she had to dig out her winter boots so she could complete the ensemble. The garage sale was actually at a house nearby, so when Stephen went later to pick up some shelves, they remembered us and gave him a sheriff's badge to go with it! Kinda cool! So here are the photos of the garage sale finds.

 This was so funny! I found this hat and stuck it on Emmitt because it was fairly chilly that morning. It looked so stinking cute! We aren't HUGE comic super hero fans in this household, but I actually picked it up thinking of my sister who will be having a boy in August. The lady selling it said I could just have it. She told me she laughs when she sees it because it came with a size 4T shirt....It is really too small for Emmitt as it slowly slides off his little bald head. I can't even begin to imagine a 4 year old wearing it!
"There's a snake in my boot!" I am NOT a lover of snakes, but Jesstine has always like to carry little small objects (luckily not LIVE) in her hands. She has always been really good not to ever put them in her mouth. I saw this at the garage sale and she stuck it in her boot after I put her Woody costume on. Of course she had to say the famous Sheriff Woody line, "There's a snake in my boot!"
And here is my Sheriff Woody! She put her arms up there herself. Kinda looks like she is hanging on to the vest like a true cowboy! LOL!

Here's to more neat garage sale treasures!

In Him,
The Hutchins Family

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