Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Highlights

Just a TON of pictures from our Easter celebrations from yesterday!

 The Easter bunny was really cunning this year! He left a trail of eggs from Jesstine's door....

 all the way to her Easter basket.
 The haul. Emmitt's was a bit smaller.
 She was super excited about it when she woke up in the morning!

 The first thing she picked up!

 The green sticky hand was inspired by Aunt Jenni.

 Emmitt cuddling Yoda!
 Don't worry Aunt Jenni. The Easter bunny hid eggs outside too!

 "Look! An egg in my chair!"
 "Blue is my favorite color!"

 Emmitt in his Easter best!
 Jesstine's Easter best (they both matched, but no photo of them together).
 He was really sleepy when we dropped him off in class. He was the only boy though, so he stayed awake so he could eye all of the girls! :-)
 A bunny from good friends Kara and Johnna. I think he likes it!
 Jesstine got a friend too!
 Church egg hunt.

 My nephew, Corbin.

 Photos with friends from church (top: Aurora and bottom: Sydney).

 Corbin and my other nephew, Luke.
 They brought out a parachute for more Easter fun!
 My mom with the kiddos.
 Mom and Pops.
 Family on Easter
 Emmitt has a hold on Pop's heartstrings! He is in LOVE with my little guy!
After church party at Grandmom's!

In Him,
The Hutchins Family

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