Friday, February 3, 2012

When It Rains....

Jesstine likes to put on her raincoat and boots, grab an umbrella and go for a walk!!!

 Emmitt stayed inside with Daddy wishing he could go too!
But he was so happy when Mommy came back in to say hello!
(Either that or because he got 8 hours straight of sleep last night!)

In other news, we made our first trip to the dentist today. Jesstine tried to push herself up with her feet on the counter wall so she could see better at Freddy's last night. Imagine how much I fumbled describing to the dentist that we were getting frozen custard when she chipped her tooth and that she had Crunch berries for breakfast this morning.....GULP! He was probably seeing cavities in her future! Good news is that it just appears to be cosmetic. Nothing to do about that since it is a baby tooth and she will lose it in a few years anyhow!

In Him, 
The Hutchins Family

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