Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Food and a PoKnee Ride

Just popping in with some more pictures from the day to day life! I think it is kind of funny how people often have less pictures of their second and third children unless with the older sibling(s). Umm, for me it has been the opposite! Oops! We will have to remedy that! It just seems like I want to catch all of Emmitt's milestones on camera. In doing so, I am snapping away pictures of Emmitt and Jesstine only gets in them occasionally when she is interested in Emmitt! And now my goal to make more meals at home has me snapping pictures of FOOD too! I will strive to do better! Part of the problem is that Jesstine has decided she doesn't want her picture taken part of the time. But sometimes I just can't resist!

 Every once in a while, Jesstine gets a wild hair and decides she wants to hold Emmitt. This is becoming more and more of a challenge as he gets bigger. We give it a try nonetheless! She LOVES her brother....for now! She likes to get down on the floor with him and entertain him while he is on his play mat. She dances to his music when he is in his spinning saucer. She is helpful when he is fussy or when I need a diaper when I change him. She is really settling into this big sister life....for now! We have already seen the writing on the wall with all of her tiny toys and Emmitt almost being able to roll over! He puts his hands in his mouth constantly. I can just see him grabbing one of her "squishies" and chomping down! It will happen sooner or later! 

 Jesstine's friend Kylie LOVES babies, especially Emmitt! 

 Taking a ride on the PoKnee! See video below!

 The spell check always balks at the word "exersaucer" and I spell it about 4 different ways. SO from now on it is the spinning saucer. Are you tired of pictures of Emmitt in this thing yet? Well there are so many for two reasons. 1) I am amazed at how young he actually can sit in it and enjoy. Things (not just this either) were SO different with Jesstine partially because of the neck issues she had at this age. 2) He has already figured out how to turn himself! He was facing the other way when I set him in there!

 Here is a shout out to his Aunt Jenni for the cool shirt he is about to outgrow! (All of the other Aunts he has are great too. It's just that this picture is brought to you courtesy of Aunt Jenni by way of the sweet duds.)

 Trying out some more food ideas. This is from Pillsbury (HERE). It is Rustic chicken pot pie. 
Here is the finished product. A few things I would change are: 1) using a garlic mashed potato mix and less of it in the actual recipe. 2) I would also just make half of the recipe or make the soup mixture without the dry potatoes mixed in and then freeze it. 3) There are plenty of mixed veggies so I wouldn't need the veggies that the soup provided, nor do we need the calories! So I would probably use a 98% fat free cream of chicken next time and maybe some diced chicken breast. Other than that it was really pretty good! Not terribly healthy as it is on the website, but tasty and easy!

And now a little more for this handsome fella. He loves his PoKnee rides already! FYI: Never try this just after he eats though.

In Him,
The Hutchins Family

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