Monday, February 20, 2012

Just Business As Usual

So what have we been up to lately? Well, we have just been enjoying being a family! Emmitt is growing and learning new things each day. He is starting to really show his personality!

 He loves his rattle! He will keep it in his hand for quite a while.

 He also likes to put it in his mouth.

 Jesstine has spent a LOT of time loving on Emmitt too! The feelings are mutual! He smiles just about every time he sees her! We will see how long that lasts!

 He is doing much better at tummy time too. This set of keys is one of his favorite things! I need to get a second set to have in the diaper bag!

We also took a chance and pulled out one of Jesstine's favorite toys. This is the exersaucer. My sister and I were expecting at the same time and she found this at Sam's Club for $33. The same one at Babies 'R Us was around $100. I am glad he already likes it! We will certainly get our money's worth out of it! It is fun to see him try to figure out how to get his hand to make the motion to move the rollers.
 I also love looking at his feet when he is playing! HeHe! The monkeys really make it cute!

 I tell you, these two really love each other. Emmitt was ready for a bottle and bed at this point, but Stephen had the guys over for cards, so I had to get both kids to bed. So, I set Emmitt in with Jesstine while she listened to a CD book. He didn't protest at all. I came in to find them holding hands!

Today we had a rare February hail storm. It was like snow coming down out of the sky! It was a really strange site to see. There was a lot of it too!

 Hail on the roof.

 Hail on the bricks on the side of the house.

And lastly, Emmitt has REALLY been enjoying his rice cereal! He really does get a lot in his mouth! We started out giving him cereal every other day and he started to associate it with his routine, so I started to feed it to him nightly!

He is SO excited when he starts to eat it. He even starts to laugh. Today he started to squeal when he was super tickled or excited. You can hear a little of that here.

In Him,
The Hutchins Family

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