Monday, February 6, 2012

More From My Funny Three Year-Old

Today we were getting ready to go to the zoo with Jesstine's best friend, Kylie. I have been challenging Jesstine to be a big girl by doing things for herself that I KNOW she can do. So lately we have been teaching her how to get herself buckled into her carseat so all that we have to do is tighten it. Today it was taking a LONG time and it was making her cry. I asked her to stop crying because if she didn't, we wouldn't be able to go. As she was still crying she said, "I TRIED but the crying wants to keep coming!!!"

When we got to the zoo, Jesstine and Kylie were running. We had stopped to see the bear sculptures. When we were done, Kylie started to run and yelled, "WUNNNNNN! (RUNNNN)." Jesstine saw her and immediately chased after her yelling, "TWOOOOOOOOO!" (She thought Kylie was counting instead of saying "run.")

In Him,
The Hutchins Family

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