Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Still Here....Mostly!

Funny how we forget exactly how tired a newborn makes us feel! The couch is still where I spend most of my sleep time! We are still so overjoyed to have Emmitt as a part of our family! It isn't as evident on Mommy and Daddy's faces (note the second picture in this post), but Jesstine is STILL beaming about her little brother! She is so excited when he gets to join her for story time just before nap and bedtime! She is feeling much better so she has been allowed to hold his hand more often. Downside is that Mommy, Daddy AND Emmitt now have a touch of a cold. That on top of the every three hour feedings (and sometimes less because this boy EATS), we are pretty worn out here. So if we forget something important, please don't take it personally! We just may need some gentle reminders! Now, on to the pictures!

 When we found out we were expecting Jesstine, my mom picked out a boy outfit and a girl outfit. I kept the boy outfit in hopes that some day I would get to use it. I was worried I wouldn't because it was shorts and a short sleeved shirt. Well, Emmitt got a little warm the other day, so I changed him to short sleeves and a pair of pants. Here is the shirt Mom bought 4 years ago! I LOVE it! Emmitt could care less about fashion at this stage obviously!

 This picture deserves some explanation and an apology to my hubby. I had to post it to show a) the outfit Jesstine picked for Emmitt to wear after helping me keep him happy through a massive clean up after a diaper change gone wrong AND helping while I gave Emmitt a bath and b) just to show you how BOTH us parents look pretty much non stop these days!

 This was when I began to see that Jesstine was REALLY feeling better. She looked so funny hanging from the back of her chair, I had to grab the camera!

 Jesstine and I put the tree up for the year. Grandmom always gives us each an ornament for Christmas every year. She always remembers Babe B. too. This year's choice was PERFECT! I saw it and just couldn't bring myself to buy it. I was still pregnant with Emmitt and it is hard for me to go to my "Babe B. place" in my thoughts and heart when I have a life growing inside of me! I absolutely ADORE this ornament! (For those of you who don't know or don't remember, this is he book that Daddy read to Babe B. almost nightly. The illustrations were used on her handout at her memorial service and the saying on this ornament was put on her headstone.)

 Jesstine is showing Daddy the special ornament that Mommy let her pick out at the store this year!

 The star is the last thing that gets put on the tree and Daddy helped Jesstine to put it on.

 In the words of Dora, "We DID it!"

 Hopefully next year I will FINALLY have my bigger, prelit Christmas tree! For now, here is the tree we have had since we got married!

 Stockings are hung by the fireplace (along with the Christmas tree Jesstine made in Sunday school).
 This shirt is PERFECT for right now!

 Told you she liked to hold his hand!

Fun Extras:

Each year I try to make some baked goods for my co-workers as a holiday gift. This year I am in no condition to bake! So, I have been enjoying a lot of McDonald's Extra Value Meals in order to collect Coke glasses. Here is why! Okay, so really half of these were from LAST year! I didn't REALLY enjoy 7 McDonald's meals in two weeks! I think they turned out pretty cute! So if you are looking for an inexpensive way to give someone a cute gift, here you go! They were super easy to make! I bought some mint M&M's and seperated out the colors to make it look a bit more festive. Topped that off with a Reese's Christmas Tree (small ones that come in a big bag). I then covered the top with press and seal wrap to hold it all in and to hold the bow on top. There is a gift tag on the side of each glass too!

And lastly, one last thing I had to share! I did this last year because Jesstine was just getting old enough to really understand and enjoy Christmas. This year we have started a few more Christmas traditions including our very own Elf On The Shelf, Mangle. So, here is a link to her very own Santa video! She will watch this on Christmas eve sometime. (Underneath is the home page where you can create your own for your spouse or child/children).


Start your own here:

Until next time!
In Him,
The Hutchins

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