Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas with the Hutchins Family

 Making Christmas cookies!

 Decorating cookies.

 Ready for family date.

 Light seeing on Christmas family date.

 This is a light show sponsored by businesses in the community. It is free of charge, but they take donations at the end that help support programs for the disabled in the community.
 I liked this one, but the car was moving too fast to capture it!
 Even had the manger scene.

 This was set to music.
 And we drove through it.
 There were jets of water shooting and I think they were supposed to be lit some how.
 We are considering these cool color changing ice sickles at some point for our house.
 Jesstine watching her Santa video.
 The kids' Santa gifts!
 Stockings are hung from by the fireplace with care.
 Note Santa left for Jesstine next to the empty plate that once held his cookies and bowl that once had reindeer food.
 Emmitt slept through the staging of said Santa gifts! :-)
 He also slept through the beginning of Christmas morning as well! Isn't he SO cute?!
 Jesstine walking into the living room to see what Santa left.
 She found her zoo right away!
 Every DVD was her "fwaborite!"
 Dollhouse stuff.
 Pink rain boots (she outgrew her previous pair).
 Another DVD.
 Pink velour pants from Aunt Jenni and two different shirts to wear with them.
 Still asleep!
 Special gift from Daddy for Jesstine. Her own tennis racket and PINK tennis balls (as well as some training tennis balls that don't bonce as high). It is one she can grow with. We thought this was a great idea since she is always carrying ours around asking if she can play with them.
 Emmitt woke up, so Jesstine helped to open his gifts. This is the one SHE gave him. Three shirts that are the  characters from Monsters Inc.
 Stocking time.
 Emmitt is impressed with his Little People soccer set, especially the ball!
Our two lovely and spoiled children.

In Him,
The Hutchins Family

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