Monday, November 28, 2011


I have meant to update for a whole week now, but things have been a little crazy here! Between roofers showing up unexpectedly to our house (long story) and Jesstine's hives and stomach flu, it has been an interesting few days! So here are some pictures!

For Fun:
Comparing my belly in the hospital before Emmitt was born to him in front of my belly after birth.

 Comparing Emmitt's first days at home (left) with Jesstine's first days at home (right).

 A spectacular gift that was made for Emmitt by his great aunt, Sandra Gail Hutchins! She made Jesstine a Sunbonnet Sue quilt a couple of years ago as well! Some of the fabric in both Jesstine's and Emmitt's quilts is from some left over fabric that their great grandmother, Jessie Hutchins, gave to Aunt Sandra.

First Week:
 Mommy made Emmitt wear these gloves so he wouldn't scratch his face!

 I think I posted this already, but I was super proud of how Kylie was SO enamored with Emmitt!

 Jesstine had a lot of fun having Mommy and Daddy home the first week!

 Emmitt has liked the swing a whole lot more than Jesstine did. Don't know how much longer that will last though.

Week 2:
 Our neighbor and sometimes babysitter, Melissa, didn't have school the Monday before Thanksgiving and it was my first time to be alone with both kids all day because Stephen had gone back to work. So she came to hang out and have some "down time."

Emmitt's first "bath" at home. We have a similar picture of Jesstine like this. 

 I told Stephen he needed to get the camera at one point while giving Emmitt his bath. Jesstine of course had to get hers too...."CHEESE!!"
 Jesstine LOVED this part. Emmitt didn't like ANY of it!

 Emmitt in his bouncy seat...his second favorite sleeping spot, his first being in bed with Mommy or Daddy or on Mommy's chest.

 Just finished a bottle. Now he is holding Mommy as he goes through his milk coma.

 Needed a new picture at church. He was nine days old here and lost his umbilical cord stump AT church!

 And of course here are my favorite people in their team gear! His first time to watch a Cowboys game with Daddy!


 Because his stump had fallen off, it was time for a REAL bath! He didn't like this much better. The water was not warm enough. Daddy and Mommy had forgotten what all they needed and needed to do for a newborn bath! We had everything better prepared the next go around though!

 Sporting his "Little Brother" shirt! I know his pants are hiked up! That was not done on purpose, he hasn't filled out yet so they ride up! Should meet Papa's dressing standards though! :-)

 Already trying to hold his own bottle!

 Emmitt's hospital pictures came in the mail and were wrapped in bubble wrap. Jesstine was enjoying it!

 Told you it was one of his favorite places to sleep; next to Mommy or Daddy!

 He also likes this corner of the couch.

 Thanksgiving Day! His FIRST Thanksgiving! Grandma couldn't get enough of him!

 Neither could Alexis (Grace's second oldest).

 Or Conrad for that matter (Grace's oldest).

 Charis had to have a little help from Daddy.

 This is Aunt Grace (my sister).

Third Week: (2 weeks old, but into his third week)

 Having some fun with Jesstine in her bed!

 Then when Mommy gave Emmitt to Daddy, more cuddling ensued in Mommy and Daddy's bed! I love how Jesstine is holding Emmitt's hand in this picture!

 Big sister wanted to feed Emmitt a bottle!

 Again in the bouncy seat! He is starting to get is original chub back.

 Mommy's Rock Star!

 Aunt Ola and Uncle Ryan came in after Thanksgiving. So yesterday, Luke (almost 3, Left) and Corbin (4, right) came over to play!

Aunt Ola held him when I would let her! I have trouble letting others hold him for too long after being apart from him the whole day after the day we came home from the hospital.

Today has been a bit eventful! Jesstine woke up at 1:30/2:00 throwing up. It lasted until about 5 AM. It has been a very LONG tiring day! Well, my computer is having problems, so I need to go! Until next time.

In Him,
The Hutchins

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