Thursday, November 3, 2011

Another Emmitt Update

Had another appointment yesterday. Emmitt is weighing a little over 7 lbs. based on the best calculations we could get with an ultrasound. It's kind of hard because he is at a point where his head is so far down, it isn't completely round. His abdomen is so tightly packed in there that it is also not completely round and hard to get the right angle on. The femur however, was an EASY thing to measure! I am 37weeks and 6 days today. I am VERY uncomfortable. I am dilated to a 1.5 (doctor said it wasn't a 2, but certainly more than a 1). I am 70% effaced. Last check three weeks ago was just a fingertip dilated and 50%. That's progress!!! I kinda feel like if we set a date to be induced, Emmitt will beat that and come out before. If he doesn't, at least I have an end in sight. So, right now we have set a tentative date for 11-11-11. This is only if we can get in on that day! Dr. suspects that it is already pretty full based on it being three 11's! I will probably know more in the next few days. If we can't do it that day (which is a Friday) I am guessing we will shoot for the following Monday. So, that 's where we are at. So far Emmitt is still doing a great job of moving. I noticed a major increase of contractions at about this time last week, but so far none have been consistent or stayed consistent enough to be actual labor. So just continuing the waiting game!

In Him,
The Hutchins

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