Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Emmitt is growing and changing each day! He has had a few milestones lately. We were in church on Sunday and I went to change his diaper. As I pulled his shirt up, his cord stump fell off! I was shocked! It had been less than nine days! Jesstine's took nearly a month! The downside is that I think it must have been jarred loose a little early. It is still bleeds a little!

That is not as fun of a milestone as today's milestone! Today I saw the most beautiful thing I have seen! Emmitt smiled at me, not once, but TWICE! It wasn't even in his sleep like usual! The only thing that is even on par with that would be when Jesstine smiled just minutes after birth and then again when my mom was holding her. I think I have even seen glimpses of Emmitt's laughter. When he knows he is SO close to getting a bottle he fake coughs and kind of chatters a little...almost like he is chuckling with giddiness awaiting his bottle!!

One thing is for sure! I love this boy SO much! There is nothing like it! It is starting to set in that I have a son AND a daughter! I will let you know about his sleep another time though!

In Him,
The Hutchins

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