Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's Official and BEAUTIFUL

As of Thursday, I am officially on maternity leave! After teaching 4 classes straight today, I made the decision that I will go ahead had have a sub starting Thursday of this week! This is so freeing! If Emmitt does make his arrival before Friday, I won't be having to contact someone last minute. If he doesn't, I can spend Thursday resting before the big day! How many moms get that choice?! Hopefully the next thing I post will be a birth announcement!!

Until then, I leave you with a conversation that Jesstine and I had the other day. (Can't leave her out; after all, she was the ORIGINAL star of this blog!)

ME: Jesstine, did you know you are SO beautiful?
Jesstine: Yes I did.
ME: How did you know? What makes you SO beautiful?
Jesstine: Because GOD made me. (Stated rather matter of factly, like "Duh, MOM! Didn't you know that was the right answer?!")

In Him,
The Hutchins

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