Thursday, November 17, 2011

Morning Report

When I thought about writing this post, I kept thinking back to the movie, "The Lion King." There is an annoying little bird that is the advisor (of sorts) to the king. There is a song that came out on the first DVD released version of the movie, called "The Morning Report." Anyhow! Here is the morning report.

Things are going well here. Jesstine went to both days of preschool this week (which was surprising to some that we still sent her even though we just had a new baby). Emmitt is doing great and I am feeling much better as well! So, what's with the "report" part of this? Well, we got a report card of sorts from Jesstine's preschool today. I kind of had a chuckle at remembering reading through some of Stephen's school papers when we were dating and engaged. I read things from his teachers like, "Stephen seems to be preocupied with food." My favorite (which is a running joke in our household) is when he would fill in the answers to to things like, "Who is the hardest worker in your family?" His answer: My mom. OR "What is the hardest job you have to do in your house?" His answer: Cleaning my room. "Why?" Answer: Because I have to make my bed. (Earlier on the list it asked something about his least favorite chore which of course was making his bed.) I was interested to see what Jesstine's teachers have said about her because I have my guesses on what they would say. I was especially interested when my friend Kelly, (Jesstine's best friend, Kylie's mommy) drove by and said Kylie's paper said her teachers would like to see her playing with other students other than just Jesstine. HEHE!

Jesstine of course has a few things that she needs to work on. Most are just things that we have never really explored for one reason or another. Others are unfortunately just part of her age and personality. One of the days that Grandmom went to pick her up, she heard the teachers telling Jesstine that she needed to walk in the classroom instead of bouncing. As a teacher I can TOTALLY understand this! As a mom, I know that it is a part of Jesstine's bubbly, happy personality! I hate to quell that, but at the same time she needs to know when it is appropriate and when it isn't. And wouldn't you know one of the things that is "still developing" is that she needs to use "walking feet" in class. The note said running though, not jumping which is even more understandable to me as a mom and a teacher. Jesstine just LOVES to run!

We were immediately interested though in what it said about how Jesstine plays. To our surprise, it says, "Play has progressed from playing besides or with Kylie to playing with others. Working on learning to share." Hehe. So there WAS a note about Kylie on Jesstine's note too!

I have really seen some growth in certain areas for Jesstine since she has started preschool. I am interested to see where she is at the end of the school year. Since having Emmitt, it has become very apparent just how big Jesstine really has grown! I love my little girl SO much and feel so blessed that God saw fit for me to be her mommy!

In Him,
The Hutchins

P. S. Again as I was typing blog post, Jesstine hit us with another funny moment. Today at school they learned about Indians. Daddy and Jesstine were playing "Princesses" downstairs which consists of her and Daddy trying to get Dumpty to safety in the "tower" which is the stairs, before the Monster gets her. They of course wield swords. At one point, Jesstine stopped and said, "Uh Oh! We need bow and arrows." To which Daddy replied, "Well, we only have swords. We don't have bows and arrows." Jesstine said, "I do!" Daddy said, "Where?" Jesstine, "I have lots of bows in my room!" (She was referring to her hair bows!)

Also a funny note. There is a well known "app" for smartphones, iPads, and iPhones (possibly other electronic devices and even for computer too), called Angry Birds. Jesstine has played this on Grandma Griffee's phone as well as the iPod. She always sees the stuffed animals in the store and gets super excited. So, when Emmitt was born, Grandma Griffee brought her some Angry Birds toys! One is a yellow triangle. So, she brought her Angry Bird to show and tell today! Hehe! It was pretty funny in my opinion.

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