Wednesday, November 16, 2011

First days as a family of 4

Emmitt is FINALLY here as you can tell by the last post! It is a far different birth story than that of both of the girls, but isn't every birth different? I of course was unable to sleep much the night before. I was ready to see this little guy! We went in at 6 AM on Friday, November 11. It was still dark out. Jesstine had stayed at Grandmom's (Stephen's Mom) house the night before, so she was already settled at that point. They started the pitocin (the drip) at about 7:30 AM. It was fairly easy at first. Didn't take long though and the contractions started to pick up. I was begging for an epidural not too long into the process. It was very strange. My cervix was only dilated to about a 1.5 when I came in. But it was very soft, so it was difficult for them to really get an accurate check on it. By the time I wanted the epidural, it was still only at a 2 or 3, but off to the side so it was hard to check (once again). I got up to go to the bathroom before the epidural and low and behold, my water broke! I had never had that happen before! Usually my M.O. is to get the epidural and then they have to break my water for me. Not this time! Went to the bathroom, got the epidural. They checked me a short time later and was only a 4 and it was again WAY off to one side. That is when you would think I could take it easy, right?! It wasn't much longer and I really started to have some pain on my right side! I was freaking out! I am not supposed to feel ANYTHING with an epidural! The anesthetist nurse said that the epidural only works for tissue related pain. What I was experiencing was the baby's head against my pubic bone. It was INTENSE to say the least! He was trying to watch his way out of the birth canal (not a great position for either him or me). So, they rolled me to my side (I WAS a 4 at this point for sure) and we coaxed Emmitt into shifting a little. It was still QUITE uncomfortable. About this time my doctor came in to check on me, he kept saying, "Humm, I think we are hitting transition if we aren't there already." It was also at about this time (perfect timing and had to have been a God thing) that my mom surprised us on her lunch break! She had come when I was at my worst and needed her there! The anesthetist nurse did a fantastic job of calming me and getting me into a zone of sorts. But I really needed my mom! About 15 minutes after they moved me to my side, I started to feel that pressure that you KNOW is a sign that it is about to happen. I told mom. She kept telling the regular nurse that they had better check me. The nurse was putting it off because it had taken SO long to get to a 4. Finally she did. I had gone from a 4 to complete with in 15 minutes! They rolled be back to my back and I started pushing. The doctor made it right before I started pushing or right as. He hadn't even left the hospital (lucky for me and for him). It took 7 pushes and 3 contractions and Emmitt Boyd Hutchins was here at 12:41 PM on 11-11-11!!! Here are some moments from our day.

 There is a new practice now in the hospitals (new to us and new as far as with full term births) called kangaroo care. The infant is cleaned and IMMEDIATELY placed on the mother's bare chest for at least an hour! No one else can hold the baby or handle him/her. Just momma! I have to admit, I kinda liked that part!

 Back when I had my breast reduction surgery two years ago, I had decided that my next baby would be bottle fed. So, here Emmitt is, less than an hour old having his first bottle.

 I have a similar moment where Jesstine looked up at me after she was born. We were BOTH in heaven at this point! Yes that is a paci in my hand already. He wasn't 5 minutes old and already had found his thumb! We don't want that! I know that there are many different opinions on this, but it is our decision to not let him have his thumb! I was a thumb sucker and don't want him to be. End of story!

 This was after the hour that he was on my chest. They put him in the warmer and started to clean him and get all of his vitals and scores and such. 

 Just a look at him before he gets cleaned off. You can tell how much bigger he was than Jesstine!

 Checking his vitals.

 We have a close up of this same angle of Babe B.'s ear. I cry when I think that I am getting to experience little pieces of her through my son.

 He DIDN'T like the bath!

 Getting dried off now!

 This was the view I had from my bed across the room. I could see his little foot on the glass and wiggling! Once again, he has another piece of Babe B. His feet look just like her feet, only smaller. They both have feet like Mommy!

 Weighing in at 8 lbs. 3 (almost 4) oz. Big boy!!!

 All that work deserves a nap!

 Meeting big sister for the first time! She was SO good with him!

 She was really reluctant to, but she gave him kisses.

 He even brought her a present!

 When we asked her what he brought, she said, "Princesses because I am a princess!"

 As mentioned, Mom barely got to see him born before she had to race off to her next patient (who cancelled by the way)! She didn't get a chance to hold him until they brought dinner up later that night.

 Grandpa came with her.

 This is Auntie Terri. She is the main music teacher at the school where I teach and a GREAT friend! Thanks for coming to see us, Terri!

 We both like sleeping this way!

 Getting ready to ask for a bottle or yawning. I can't remember, but he is NOT protesting.

 Eyes are open!

 The next day some good friends from church brought us donuts from the Donut Whole and came to see little Emmitt.

 Future babysitter getting her practice in!

 We had a LOT of these snooze fests!! It was very difficult for me to sleep the first few days because I was in pain.

 Cuddling before getting to go home!

 All Shockered up and ready to go!

 Daddy wheeling the cart of stuff out.

 I got to have Emmitt on my lap while we rode home!

 Jesstine was waiting at the door when we pulled up! She was quick to get a bonding session in as well.

 Didn't take long for THIS to happen. They are watching football together!

 I came in and saw how he was sleeping and thought of one of my favorite pictures of Jesstine at this age. So, I snapped a photo!

Saturday I was in quite a bit of pain and pain meds were not helping. We were worried first that it was a bladder infection. But when the over the counter medicine that helps with pain reliefe for that didn't work, we started to worry that not everything was expelled at birth. So, I headed back to the hospital to be checked out. After a sonogram and a CT scan, they couldn't determine anything and admitted me to see if they could at least find something that would help me to manage the pain better. We finally found something that seemed to work. I was sent home at around 7. So I missed the first real day at home with my baby and Jesstine! She was SUPER excited to find Emmitt and I on the couch the next morning!

 She didn't waste anytime getting some holding time in!

 Just a close up of my cutie!

 Monday is music class day, but none of us were around or ready in time to go, so after music class, Jesstine's best friend stopped by. She had been waiting for the chance to hold Emmitt since the week before he was born! She kept petting him very gently! It was SO sweet! Her mommy said that when she got home, she immediately started to baby her baby doll!

 Jesstine turned yellow very quickly after coming home. So, to avoid that with Emmitt, we put him in the sunshine when we could. Here is my future beach bum hanging out!

 Here he is meeting his Dumpty for the first time. Jesstine wore this SAME outfit when she met Dumpty for the first time!

And one FINAL picture of Emmitt bonding with Dumpty.

I am feeling MUCH better. Jesstine got to show Emmitt to the rest of her class at school and she thought that was the coolest thing! We of course didn't let anyone else touch or hold him. The class is pretty much used to this routine at this point! There was a mom who delivered in the beginning of October and one that is due in the beginning of December as well. So they are getting their fair share of big sisters in the classroom!

Hopefully when I get around to it, I will be able to post more about Jesstine. She is such a fun girl and a good big sister! She got her class picture this week too! It is pretty comical so I have to share!

Until then....

In Him,
The Hutchins

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