Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Day of Preschool

Today was the fist day of preschool for Jesstine! It was bittersweet to see our little girl go to school for the first time! Yet it felt good because she was so excited and I know that she is going to enjoy it!

 So, here she is. Ready for her first day of school! Pigtails, CHECK! Cupcake backpack, CHECK! Dora shoes, CHECK!
 The backpack is really SO large for her, but was a great price and we were able to get her name put on it. She refused to allow us to carry it.
 On our way to school in the van! (FYI, I was stopped at a stoplight as this photo was taken!)
 Daddy even got to come with us and was a HUGE help this morning! Here he is getting Jesstine out of the van for the walk to her classroom!
 Are we ready?
 Here we go!
 At this point she was pointing out all of the other cute backpacks that others were carrying. She also had to note all of the little girls who were ALSO wearing Dora shoes!
 Almost to the front doors!
 Photo op with Mommy!
 We couldn't get her to take a picture without saying, "cheese" so I tickled her. The result was that I looked silly!
 The long walk to her classroom at the end of the hallway. Closer to the playground that way though!
 Hanging up her backpack on her hook. Mommy had too much in her hands and accidentally got a picture of her name tag in the process!
 This was actually a harder process than one would expect. She has always been able to easily identify her name...until she was put next to a boy in her class named, "Jesse!" She found her hook RIGHT away though!
 After a quick pause to say hello to her teacher, she walked right in and barely looked back.
 And after a few steps, she saw more kids and did her typical bouncing self. I caught her jumping in to her classroom!
It also didn't take long after Kylie got there for the girls to find each other and play!

Here's to hoping this is a great first year of school for Jesstine! I realize that at this age it is just a social thing and really more for moms and dads to get a break during the day. I still think it is a good decision for Jesstine to go. We will see if it plays out as I hope!!!

In Him,
The Hutchins

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