Saturday, September 10, 2011 Improvements!

We have started some improvements to our backyard. For a while now, we have wanted to pour concrete under the deck and all the way to the other retaining wall. With our house being a view out basement, we have had problems with bugs getting in the basement windows where the grass is growing up close to the house. It hasn't been as much of a problem under the deck, because we had rock put under the deck when we lanscaped the front of the house. Well, there just wasn't enough so we were constantly fighting weeds and the weed barrier we put down was coming through the thin layer of rock. We have worked for a few years to try and match that rock, but have not found anything that would be cost effective. So, we decided to take all of the rock out (that we could) and put it in the front. Then buy new rock to put along the back. We also decided to use some real edging instead of just the brick that we had put there to begin with. So, here are the before and after pictures.

Before- Under the deck.

Before- Beyond the deck. 

 After- Under the deck. (Jesstine is already breaking it in)

 After- Beyond the deck.

Our next order of business is to skin the deck. We are going to have someone come in and basically replace all of the warped, cracked, rotted, and dilapidated boards, leaving the existing support structures! So stay tuned for more to come!

In Him,
The Hutchins

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