Sunday, September 25, 2011

KC or Kaycee

Today, Stephen came home after being away for five days on a missions trip to Joplin, MO with some other members of the church. He got home right as we were headed home, so we thought we would bring home some lunch. We both missed him terribly! So we also got the idea to go downstairs and watch football with him while we ate our lunch. While we were watching football, Stephen noticed that the MLS (soccer) game he had recorded was on. We decided to watch that because one of the teams was our team, formerly the KC Wizards and now Sporting KC. A little ways into it, KC scored a nicely played goal. Stephen and I cheered, "Yea KC!" Jesstine smiled and looked up. She said, "Dats like Kaycee the kangaroo." Kaycee the kangaroo is the mascot for her preschool class. We both chuckled at her cuteness! What a great way to welcome her daddy home! (Disclaimer: I typed this on my iPod touch, so take that into account if you spot any errors like mispelled words or missed capitalizations.) In Him, The Hutchins

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