Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekend Fun

This was the moment Jesstine had been waiting for all week! We decided about a month ago that because Emmitt usually only wakes up once a night if at all, we were ready to take a trip as a family of 4 for the first time! So, we did it! We went to see Seth and Jenni this weekend! Jesstine couldn't stop talking about it the week leading up to the trip. She was excited to see the sloth and frog (from our visit in October!!!) and she kept talking about Aunt Jenni this and Aunt Jenni that! Such a sweet girl! We of course were worried about how Emmitt would do. He fussed a little, but never really screamed until the last 10 miles from home on the way back! He did fantastic! Just as he was with Jesstine, Ian was absolutely in LOVE with Emmitt! One of the proudest moments of this trip for me was when Ian came down sad about something that had happened upstairs. He was still upset after talking to his mom, so I interrupted and asked if he would be interested in holding Emmitt. His face lit up like a Christmas tree! It got a shade brighter when I asked if he would even like to FEED him. Again, the moment was PRICELESS! Such a sweet boy! All three boys clambered over Emmitt. They were as amused with Emmitts toys as he was! Their favorite toy was Emmitt's Daddy! Hehe! Stephen had a great time and expressed how excited he is for when Emmitt is old enough to rough house with! Noah and Ian started soccer season this weekend (or maybe the weekend before). Because of the times of their games, Connor was unable to go. It was nap time. Jenni said she was going to call a babysitter. I wasn't sure what the weather would be like or how Emmitt would do, so I offered to stay with Connor while he slept so that she didn't have to have someone else come. Emmitt didn't sleep much more than 20-30 minutes at a time, so I had a fun time playing with him. Below is a video! I think he had a good time too! We are happy to be home, but it was a fun trip and I can't wait to see them again! 

 Jesstine entertaining herself in the car by putting her snack cup on Glitzy's (her pink dragon) head! Silly girl!
So proud of this wonderful boy! The little one is great as well!

My silly boy!

In Him,
The Hutchins Family

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