Friday, March 23, 2012


Jesstine has been really hot and cold when it comes to babies and being like Mommy. When she was 18 months old or so, her favorite thing to do when we went grocery shopping was to go down the baby aisle. So we got her a baby doll for Christmas that year....which she hardly touches! I tried to get her interested again when we were a couple of months from Emmitt's arrival. She still was only interested for MAYBE a day! Just in the last week though, she has started to play "baby" with Dumpty. She takes Dumpty for walks in her stroller and puts her to bed in her doll pack-n-play. She even has a little bed in her own bed that Dumpty and her buddies lay in. Today there was a consignment sale and I told her if she was REALLY good, I would let her look at toys when we were done. I told her she could pick one toy out as long as I approved of the price. She right away latched onto a set of baby stuff that had a diaper, plate, spoon, fork, bottle, and all kinds of toiletries! She was SO excited she couldn't get home fast enough to play with it! So here are a few photos and a video of Jesstine and her "Baby" Dumpty.

This doll bed was special made by Stephen's uncle Gilbert and Aunt Sandra made the "mattress" for it.

(Turn your volume up quite loud to hear her sing: "Go to sleep, Go to sleep...."

In Him,
The Hutchins Family

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