Saturday, March 3, 2012

Weekend at Home

Who would have thought that a week that was going as nicely as this:

 (Discovering her dirty spaghetti face.)
 Sibling Love
 Dino PJ's

To this:

My poor kiddos are sick! Emmitt seems to have the worst of it which makes sense because he is so young! He has been SO congested and is now starting to cough like a dog bark. Poor boy! Despite numerous calls to the doctor, there is really nothing more that we can do that we aren't already doing. So it is a waiting game. If you will notice, this was one of his naps...sitting up in the chair. He is currently lying in his tent....crib all propped up on his blankets and boppy pillow with the vaporizer going (the tent comment is because we put a sheet over his bed to keep the moister in around him so he gets the benefits of it better; hope to share picture).

 Jesstine is acting mostly normal. She has a bit of a runny nose, cough and sneeze. Other than that it was just another great day home with Daddy and Mommy! Here she is enjoying her fairy princess get up!
He has still been playing a little. He saw Mommy and flashed a smile. It made my heart sing!

Jesstine took advantage of the day in to do some dress up and dancing. Hope you enjoy this fairy princess dance, Grandmom!

In Him,
The Hutchins Family

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