Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Emmitt's Stats

Emmitt finally went in for his 4 month appointment. Long story short, he wasn't well enough for his "well baby" visit at two months because he had just been in the hospital. That pushed all of the rest back by two weeks almost. That would have made his appointment time for Friday of last week, but the doctor was out on Spring Break with his family, so we went today instead! What can I say other than he is GROWING! The doctor was exaggerating, but when he came into the exam room, he said, "So Emmitt is four years old....but is as big as a 9 month old!" He is more like the size of a 6 month-old when compared to Jesstine's size as a baby! At 4 1/2 months, Emmitt weighs 17 lbs. 4 oz. (77%ile) and is 26 inches (70%ile) in length. There was no percentile given for his head circumference, but it was 17.5 inches. The doctor was quite impressed with him. He was most impressed with how strong his legs are! He stands quite well with only the support of hanging on to someone's hands. The nurses were in LOVE with him! He is such a happy, mostly laid back baby. He, like most babies, did NOT care for his shots! He cried more than I have heard in a long time! Maybe even worse than in the hospital when he was sick with strep! Poor guy! He sported two bandaids for a little while afterward!

 My sharp dressed little man.
We already had one bandage come off, but here is one of his boo boo legs!

In other news, as of yesterday, March 27, we have an ambi roller!!! He can rolled from back to front and from front to back now! He still struggles with front to back quite a bit, but he has done it a few times now. He just can't remember where to put his hand to get himself back over sometimes! As long as someone is entertaining him, he is perfectly comfortable on his tummy!
Smiling at Mommy!

His favorite entertainment is Big Sis. I still can't get over how much this little guy just adores his big sister and how mutual the feelings are! So far Jesstine has shown very little if any jealousy issues about Emmitt. She can't get over how cute he is! She tells EVERYONE so much! "Awww! He's so CUTE!" (Cute is always said in a decibel that would make dogs run for the hills!)
 He also is SO in love with his Daddy. Again, the feeling is mutual! He is starting to get on a schedule where he is pretty much taking two naps in his bed each day when we can get him there! He still needs a "snappy" nap at night though. 
 He is such a cuddly baby! To get himself to sleep, he has to have Daddy or Mommy's hand. Sometimes we can replace it with one of his soft blankets after a minute or so. I don't think Daddy OR Emmitt wanted to let go during this snappy though!

He has also grown tired of the bouncy...for the most part. He has decided to entertain himself with the hanging toys instead of just the kick pad (there are feet on the loser part of the seat that are over a kick pad that when pushed on the interaction setting will cause the lights and sounds to go and the hanging toy in the center, which is missing a piece, also works the same way).

So, we are just kickn' and rolln' here! Enjoying God's blessings! Tomorrow is Spring Picture day at Jesstine's preschool!

In Him,
The Hutchins Family


Amber said...

Wow, growing boy! Kiley weighed that much at her 9 mo. check-up! I love his outfit, too! :)

Lacie and Stephen said...

I saw this shirt before he was born. It was on clearance and I couldn't pass it up!