Saturday, July 23, 2011


Don't you just LOVE it when you order something and you get to go out to the mailbox to go get it! I ordered Jesstine's birthday t-shirt a little early this year because I had trouble getting it on time last year. With her t-shirt in mind, I set my bow lady at 3AMInspirations to work making the perfect bows to match. Yesterday we went to the mailbox and her bows were there! We were super excited because I had just ordered them two days earlier! Didn't she do a fab job?!

Well, today we were pleased when her t-shirt came in the mail!!! We had just returned from a party and it was in the mailbox waiting for us. It isn't quite what I had in mind. If you look at the previous post about said t-shirt (click the highlighted word t-shirt) I had hoped for a pink shirt with a gold 3 and gold earring like the original. The only things I wanted different from the picture in the previous post were the t-shirt color (pink), the number 3, a pink bandanna, and Jesstine's name on it. I guess it is just fine though because it will match the bows pretty well! Here is the finished product:

So here's looking to a successful pirate party in a few weeks! Jesstine is super excited!

In Him,
The Hutchins'

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