Thursday, July 28, 2011

God Thing

When Jesstine was a baby, I was blessed by the daughter-in-law of an elder at church with a HUGE bag of clothes and shoes for Jesstine. A lot of them were SUPER nice and well taken care of. They were brands like Gymobree, Pediped, Gap, Children's Place....etc. In case you don't know, these brands are pricey, but wear well, even on babies who are learning to crawl and walk! Not to mention that Jesstine's Grandmom loves to spoil her with pretty dresses as well!!! As Jesstine outgrew said clothing, I placed it in tubs according to its size. Not too long ago, I had offered it to a single mom at church who was very young and had just had a baby. After not hearing from her, I had decided to hang on to the clothing and consign it myself after Emmitt comes. Little did I know when I woke up today, that God had another plan in store! I got a call from a good friend and she reminded me that the Mulberry Bush Consignment sale was this week and today was the opening day. I have been trying to keep my eye out for inexpensive clothes to start filling out Jesstine's Fall/Winter wardrobe. I had already picked up some stuff here and there and thought this was a great opportunity. The summer sale always has more and nicer stuff than the winter sale anyway. I was looking through the girls clothing which happened to be right next to the maternity clothing! I saw a girl who was with her mother and they were looking at girl clothes as well as maternity clothing. I started chatting with them and found out that the girl's due date is a bout 10 days from mine! Through tidbits here and there, my suspicions were confirmed. The girl was a teenage mom who still has one year left of high school. I was quickly reminded of the clothing I had at home and invited her to come look at it and take what she wanted. I told her that if she felt that she HAD to pay for it, she could name the price and I wouldn't haggle. OR She could just take what she needed and that was it. I gave her mom my cell phone and home phone and we met up at the house later. They were able to take all of Jesstine's old clothes and what they weren't able to use they had already talked about giving to another teenage mother whose daughter was soon to be a year old and could also use some clothing. We of course chatted as they looked through tubs and tubs of clothing and bagged everything up. The girl's mom, Sandra (ironic as it is also my mother-in-love's name!), kept mentioning a friend of theirs who had lost a baby boy shortly after his birth. This was after I had revealed that we had lost Babe B. before she was born. She kept mentioning the girls name, Jenny. Later on the topic came up again and she mentioned that Jenny's son's name was Miles. I looked at her and said, "Gridley?" She was astonished and confirmed to me that it was indeed who she was referring to! My sister, Grace, dated a Lanny Gridley in High School and even went to his senior prom with him. Shortly after having Jesstine, I found out that he lived the next cul-de-sac over from us. I also found out that his wife was expecting and that there were several complications being discovered with that baby. So, I followed their story closely, it being near and dear to my heart after having lost Babe B. just a year earlier. Just goes to show that it is a SMALL world out there! So what did I end up getting at said consignment sale? Funny, I spent about $45. After replacing our air conditioner/furnace blower motor this week, I was told to hold off on purchasing any unneeded items for a while. Worked out okay though. The ladies who took the clothing handed me $40 as they left. So the difference was just $5 and that $5 was a toy that I allowed Jesstine to pick out because she was so patient for me while I looked through all of the clothes and talked to these ladies! The toy she picked was a little tube of small dinosaur toys, imagine that! So here is a quick photo of the items I was able to find for Jesstine at the consignment sale (minus the dinosaurs who were being played with as I took this photograph).

Left to Right: Nike seat suit with t-shirt; Columbia Snow suit; Princess zippered sweatshirt; Levi's sequin jeans; new with tags, Old Navy jean skirt with red ribbon belt and heart pockets on back; Carter's khaki pants; and two puzzles (I have searched EVERYWHERE for this style of puzzle for Jesstine! She is too advanced for the puzzles with knobs or even ones that you just find the right shape hole to put the piece in. These are more like what I grew up with; the wooden ones that were usually made by playschool or fisher price that were just a picture cut up into pieces that you had to put together. I found a school bus puzzle by this same company a few months ago at a toy store and was over the moon about my find! These were a whole two dollars cheaper and there is only one more design left to collect! Furthermore, Jesstine didn't see them, so maybe I can add them to her birthday gift pile!)

In Him,
The Hutchins'

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