Monday, July 11, 2011

Babe B., 4 Years-Old!!!!

Today would be Babe B.'s 4th birthday! It is so hard to believe that we would have a 4 year-old! I guess we do, just not with us! I have been trying to dwell on the happiness of Babe B. rather than how sad it still is for us. It is a hard thing to do! I find that, like with Jesstine, I kind of have to put it in the back of my mind during pregnancy so that I don't go crazy with anxiety! So here's to Babe B. on her 4th birthday! And here is the now traditional picture of my girls on Babe B.'s birthday! This year we also did our usual tradition of putting a balloon and lilies on her grave! This year's balloon is not a helium one (it is a little bit too hot at 109 degrees to be putting one of those out). It is just a small one that we placed in her flower urn. It was a Disney Princess balloon that said, "Happy Birthday Princess!" We thought that Jesstine would like it and that if Babe B. were here, she would like it too! The lilies is a tradition that we started because we were given lilies that were in our room the day that she was born! So here are my girls:

In Him,
The Hutchins'

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