Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tree Decorating and Cookie Baking

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, I got busy putting up the Christmas tree. I was curious to see if Jesstine would be a help or a hindrance in this process. She was MOSTLY a help! She was very interested in all of the ornaments. I had a system where she would hand me a box from the container, I would pull out the ornament and set it on the table in one of three different groups. I had a group set aside especially for her that was made up of ornaments that had a big loop on them. I thought that would be easier than her having to hang one that needed a hook. Of course she didn't want to have anything to do with the ones with the loops. She had her eye on a few more complicated ones!

Here she is eyeing the "hook" group.

The drumming solider particularly caught her eye!

Here she is helping to put them on.

No Christmas tree in this home is complete without Elmo!

The bottom was getting a little ornament heavy. Daddy came to the rescue and helped her to put some more up higher. (It is very rare to see Stephen anywhere near the tree while it is being decorated!)

Putting the star on is the last thing! Daddy helped her with that too! (And of course all of this decorating HAS to be done in a Halloween shirt.)

Our Tree!!!

It isn't a tradition usually in my household, but trimming the tree made me want cookies. Guess it's the cold weather! I had a helper for that too! She mostly just watched, but that seemed to be enough for this girl!

Mommy showing her how to roll the cookie dough into a ball.


I made a few "special" cookies with a little extra love!

The finished product!

In Him,

The Hutchins

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