Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Let's Go To The Movies....

The day after Thanksgiving, I decided that it was time to take Jesstine to see her first ever movie theater movie!! I wanted to do this back when Toy Story 3 came out, but it never worked out. When it came out on DVD, she LOVED it and would watch it back-to-back if you would let her! Movie times are always at an inconvenient time for Jesstine's nap schedule! We got lucky. The movie we went to see just came out and so there was an 11:15 showing.....across town! Oh, well! This particular theater has an on site "Canteen" so you can order your food and take it in the theater with you. So that's what we decided to do! Oh and we were GREAT examples as parents. We smuggled in grapes and milk for Jesstine despite the signs that all say, "No outside food or drink allowed." At least she had something healthy with her fries! So here are a few (grainy) pictures from our trip to the movies! (Oh and she did great...mostly! At one point she thought she needed to walk around like at home.)

Eating her smuggled-in grapes!

Photo op with Mommy!

Daddy had to join in too!

The End!


The Hutchins

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