Thursday, December 30, 2010

Family Christmas

This year we had two family Christmases. We were able to open presents at our own house Christmas morning and then went to my mom's for breakfast where there was no shortage of presents! After that we went home and chilled as a family for the rest of the evening. The next day Stephen's brother, Seth, and family came up from Oklahoma. So after church we went to my Mother-in-love's house for lunch. After the kids all had naps and quiet time, we opened presents there. It was such a good time! There was good food, good company and presents for all. We spent most of the next day just letting the kids play with all of the new toys that they got from Grandmom. It turned out to be a good thing because between shuffling around between houses, Jesstine was really itching to play with her kitchen. Since Grandmom got one for her own house, it worked out great! To my family's surprise, I was actually willing to play games. Noah, my oldest nephew on the Hutchins side, was just old enough that he was able to play too! He actually knew more answers to the Christmas Trivia than us adults did! The boys won the first round (but not by much) and the girls smoked the boys in round two! Can't wait til next year when we have the tie breaker! That night when all of the kids were in bed, Seth came over and played video games with Stephen (or watched football as it turned out) and I went back to my M-I-L's to play games/watch movies with the ladies! We had so much fun and are so thankful for our family! Thank you to everyone who gave gifts to us. You will see in the final post that Jesstine really ended up with a TON of presents! It got to where she would hug each and every one of them after she opened them! So here are a few more pictures!

Christmas present from Grandma and Grandpa Griffee was a ball castle.

When she got her princess figurines (in a later picture) from Aunt Jenni, she had to put them in their castle!

Sunday lunch at Grandmom's house. (Jesstine and her cousin, Connor.)
Noah and Ian are big boys and sat at the breakfast bar!
PRESENT TIME!!! First is a Lawn Mower.
And a princess doll kit!
Beautiful sweater dress.
Monkey pj's (or jams as Grandmom calls them).
A dress.
Shirt with matching leggings.
I-spy type of books.
Disney princess book with play mat and princess figurines!
I love my new shirt (one in two larger sizes too so she can grow into them!).
More pj's and she loves them just as much as the shirts!
A dollhouse to play with at Grandmom's house.
Some play food for.....
A play kitchen at Grandmom's!

The boys had to get in on this too!
Seth playing the piano with a little helper.
The toy that distracted the two littlest family members from opening other gifts.
Playing with the dollhouse.
Connor helping his Uncle Stephen out now!
These two are like peas and carrots! There were certainly some sweet moments between the two of them. They really liked playing together!
Time for stockings!
Jenni reads a book to all of the kids while Grandmom creates a special surprise Christmas treat!

Jesstine's haul. This is minus a few things (pillow pet from Papa, Castle from Grandma Griffee and princess popcorn tin from Uncle Greg).
Again thank you to all of our family members for the terrific holiday gifts! We appreciate you spoiling us and wish you all a Merry Christmas (a little late for that) and a Happy new year!
In Him,
The Hutchins

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