Friday, August 19, 2011

Princesses with Swords

My sister's birthday gift to Jesstine probably ranks among one of her favorites! As you know, Jesstine got to go meet Ariel on the day of her pirate party. I think that is something she will remember for a long time! This dress helped to solidify it in her mind! She to wear it all of the time! Including trips around town like the night Daddy had soccer and we went to McDonald's to get dinner. You should have seen that little purple gloved hand swiping that "credit card" (gift card) from Papa! Still makes me laugh! But did you know that princesses can even fight with swords?! See for yourself!
The dress that is the cause of the this post! Thank you Aunt Grace for such a wonderful gift!
And of course the picture that is the reason for this post! What princess costume is complete without a sword? Oh and notice Carter in the background getting fighting tips from this fight!

Fun times with three year olds!

In Him,
The Hutchins

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