Sunday, August 14, 2011

Jesstine, Age 3

You are still the same beautiful happy little girl that we brought home from the hospital! You love life! You love

your mommy
and your daddy!
You love just about anyone you come into contact with! You are very good at greeting any and every kid young or older when you see them in public.

Right now your interests vary. You like trains, dinosaurs, pirates, and all things girly as well!
You are interested in music and can sing a few songs. You still love to read books too! You have heard some of them so many times you can read them to yourself...mostly! You like a variety of TV shows and are still a fan of Dora, Diego, and ESPECIALLY Elmo!
A few months ago if I were writing this I would have said your favorite movie was "WALL-E," but in the last week I would have to say that it is "Chanted" (Enchanted). You have literally watched it at least 10 times a week for the last two weeks! You are also constantly talking about a game you play with Daddy on the Xbox called "Castle Crashers!" You are constantly wanting to go through something you call the, "Silly door."
Today your favorite color is blue. It usually changes each day!
Size wise you are typically long and thin. You wear a size 4T-5T in shirts and a 3T in pants/shorts. I am guessing that you won't be in a 3T long though! You are just a hair over 37 in. tall and weigh just a few ounces shy of 30 lbs. You are fully potty trained as of about 5 months ago and we are super happy about that since your little brother will be here soon and we will be once again changing diapers! As of now, you take naps MOST days and usually with little fuss. There are some days where you really just lay in your bed quietly. Right now your nap is usually around 2 and you sleep for about 2 hours. You have started to take showers instead of baths (with a LOT of help). At first you weren't sure of the shower head. You like to jump everywhere you go (almost prance).
You also still walk on your tip toes quite often! You finally have enough hair to hold large bows, wear "big girl" piggy tails and pony tails! You have only ever had your hair trimmed and it still has a little bit of a curl in it.

I know every parent says that their kid is smart, but you really astound us at what you know and do! Like I mentioned, you can sing several songs. You can read quite a few words! You know all of your colors (although you occasionally get brown, black and grey mixed up). You can count objects usually up to 5. After that you start to count things twice. I think it is just because you get impatient with counting so many! You can recognize all
of the upper case letters and most, if not all, of the lowercase as well. You also recognize numbers from 1 to 10 (sometimes getting 6 and 9 confused). You also know the sounds for all of the letters and are starting to put things together to sound words out. Grandmom is excited to work with you on "school" this year while Mommy is teaching! You are already doing so well! You will also be going to a 3 year-old preschool this year for 2 hours, two days a week!
You still love swimming and hang out a lot with your best friend Kylie all of the time!
We love you so much and have enjoyed seeing you grow physically and mentally! You are the answer to our prayers for a happy, healthy little girl! We are so proud of you and love you very much!

Mommy and Daddy

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